Zee’s Lego Collection 2015

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These are my color-sorted bags of bricks. For the most part, I only keep bricks and plates in these bags, except in the case of the tan or grey colors. I just haven’t fully sorted those yet.
These are all the pieces I have that either can’t be color sorted, or are just special pieces. Wheels, angled pieces, pipes, chains, anything that I just considered a “special” piece.
These are all guns I’ve either purchased from either GI Brick or Brick Republic. They are mostly brick-arms guns, some of them are SI-DAN and others. All the colored guns at the top and the blue gun at the bottom were free. They come with other purchases. I rarely (if ever) use them, but whatever.
These are my rarely-used pieces. For the most part, they just sit in a bag, never touched. Most of them came with other sets, a few were bought and used for one project only.
These are all of my translucent pieces. I keep these separate because they’re useful for decorative or special purposes.
These are all my minifig accessories. They are either handheld tools or things worn by the minifigs, and I use them all somewhat frequently.
Crates! I just bought these recently and I love them! I haven’t displayed the whole lot in an episode yet, but I will soon! You can fit the smaller crates in a larger crate, and you can fit an entire minifig into the larger crate. Endless possibilities!
These are all my trees, bushes, and flowers. I use them in practically every lego video I make. I think only my oldest LEGO videos don’t have trees.
These are pieces that I never used, and some other unsorted pieces. Somewhat unremarkable. I think there’s also some extra hands in there.
This is all of my currently-constructed minifigs. There’s 107 here in total, I have enough spare pieces just off camera to make probably 10 more, if I have some funky looking characters.
These are most of my vehicles. There’s a few extras that are not fully assembled and you’ll see in some other places further down the page.
These are all my medieval parts. Swords, axes, helmets, shields, armor, etc. I used these for a few test episodes of C&C Legos, I might get back to them some day.
This is a drawer full of extra bikes, vehicles, and other assorted pieces. Usually I store completed sets here temporarily.
This is a second drawer full of temporarily stored sets, and all of my unused tank pieces that don’t really fit with anything else.

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