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This really really sucks. But we’re saving like 6 grand by doing this ourselves.


This sucks even more. This is dry rot. We discovered this in several places.

It will cost money to fix, and and it will be a pain to deal with.

Also, my computer is disassbled while we’re working on all this. That sucks even more. I have to type this bullshit on my phone.


Armed Conflict Factions

Armed Conflict is the name of the new stop motion series I’m creating. I’ve been really taking my time with this one, but I’m actually working on an episode now.

In the mean time, here’s a few pictures of the different factions in the episodes I will be making. Click each picture for a larger size.

United States – Marines
United States of America

China – People’s Liberation Army

North Korea – Korean People’s Army
Democratic People's Republic of Korea

South Korea – Army
Republic of Korea

Middle East – Militants
Warriors of Kalām

New Stop Motion Video – Minifig Vs Things!

Minifig Vs Things

Finally took the time to knock this idea out. Take a look!

Working on my Walk – Part 3 (Final)

Alright, so I made some more adjustments. I simplified the walk (I didn’t move the arms for this walk, I’ll reserve that for running), and I realized that my main issue was simply the fact that I was moving the character too much, too fast. In this video, you’ll see that each cycle only moves the character forward one ‘step,’ as opposed to moving forward one step for each frame.

Now I need to practice incorporating it into actual videos in the future!

The main downside to this style of walking is while it looks more accurate (in terms of speed and what not), it takes probably four times as long to take all the pictures. This simple walking scene is 50 individual pictures, and it gave me about four seconds of video, and that’s being generous, considering the first and last pictures are extended.

Working on my Walk – Part 2

So, I set up a test run of the animation. I realized I was wrong about my own frame rate. I actually typically set movement at 12fps. Currently, a full walking animation (under the new animation) takes 12 frames, so in theory, if I can perfect the animation, it will mimic human walking accurately.

Anyway, I performed two tests. A stationary test (walking in place) and an actual movement test. I wanted to do a stationary test first to make sure the animation looked acceptable (which it does), but I wasn’t sure how to properly space out the steps in walking from point A to point B. As a result, it looks like the guy is sliding as he walks.

Anyway, you’ll see see the point when you watch the video.

I’ll likely post the final Part 3 to this mini-series when I figure out how to make the movement look right.

Working on my Walk – Part 1

I’m trying to improve the walking animations of the characters. It’s one of the bigger issues that has been bugging me for a while, because it’s something that is harder to perfect, especially on a non-lego surface. Considering I use the flat surface of the top of the dresser for most of my videos, I haven’t really been able to fully experiment as much as I’ve wanted to with the walk animation.

Here’s what my walking animations currently look like, on a frame by frame basis.

Here’s what I want them to look like.

The downside is, I’m already like… two steps behind. A typical human two-leg walking stride takes about a second to complete. As in, one step is half a second, the other step is another half second. At 24 frames per second (what I’m currently running at), image 1 takes .25 seconds for a full stride. Image 2, what I’m aiming for, will still only take .5 seconds for a full stride. It will look better, but it will still be too fast of a walk.

Which, I guess, brings me to the point of this post.

A lot goes into this type of animation. Here I am just trying to figure out the dynamics of making characters walk properly, when I’ve already been having them run, shoot, talk, jump, and even fly.

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