Archive for July 16, 2015


Haven’t been online much lately. The past month or so has been pretty busy. We were preparing for and then ultimately got kittens! I couldn’t get a decent picture of them (they are insanely energetic), so I’ll have to post a better one later. I had to take this one by standing outside a glass door and getting them to stare at me through the door.


Anyway, their names are Genki and Sophia. They’re a bundle of fun (not fur), as they are sphynx cats, which are hairless and some of the most energetic cats. We feed them a raw meat diet, which only adds to the energy they posses all day long.

We also found a rooster in our front yard, so we’ve been holding onto it for a few days, while we search for the owners. Here’s a quick video of him in our back yard!

Other than that, I’ve been working on other web stuff, book writing, and a new fitness career, so that’s basically where the most of my time has been going.

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