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Biggest butterfly we’ve ever seen!

I had just finished cutting down some branches from the tree in our front yard today (some leftover cutting to do from a few weeks ago), and as I was dragging one to the backyard, I startled a rather large butterfly, which promptly flew up and landed on the underside of our roof.


Later, he managed to follow me into the garage, and ultimately into the attic, so Heather and I had to politely convince him (with a butterfly net, how convenient that we had one), to leave.


The guy is easily 4.5 inches wide, and I tried to get a picture to show the perspective.


New Website

So, I’ve opened up a new website for my book series. I will give no complementary information about the website. It’s a mystery.

Island Above

Added New Pages

Added a few new pages, namely the Affiliates page, where I link to some people I’m associated with one way or another, and a “Project Spotlight” section, where you can see some work that said people have created. Been meaning to do this for the past few weeks, and now it’s done.

With that, I’ve added AZ-Stalker’s “Tiberian Daylight” comic to the site, as the first spotlight. It’s a funny comic, and if you like C&C and LEGO, you’ll like this.

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