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Memorial Day Weekend Storms

So, living in Austin, the weather here is a little different than from what I’m used to back in California. Austin isn’t specifically prone to tornadoes, but the areas East and North of us tend to be. This weekend, however, a few tornadoes touched down as close as a couple miles away, in our neighboring city of Pflugerville.

Here at home, we were hit by some really heavy winds (as high as 60mph / 100kph). These winds did quite a bit of damage. Destroyed some local property, and in our case, we were fortunate enough to only lose part of our tree. Here’s a picture of the mess, taken Sunday morning.


The whole street looked was messy, as was the entire neighborhood. Some people lost fences, some lost trees. Considering the rest of the tree was standing over our house, we also had to tear the rest of it down. Heather got part of the tear-down on video:

That day, everybody in the neighborhood was outside clearing up debris. People were coming from all around, moving from house to house to cut up logs and clear up branches. It brought us all together and was a bonding experience as neighbors.

Come monday, after already being exhausted from Sunday’s cleanup, I hoped to relax. The storm had other plans though, and it rained really hard. So much that our neighbor’s house started flooding in the garage. Outside I went to check out the commotion, to find them furiously dumping water into the street. After knocking on some doors, we had some help. On top of that, there were people kind enough to help us out after seeing us while they were driving by. Again, we had all come together.

Today is Tuesday. The storms are over, and we can all finally relax, knowing that in the midst of trouble, we’ve all got each other.

Check out my LEGO collection!


Check out my current collection of LEGO bricks, minifigs, and other pieces! I got most of them anyway.

Cache baby, cache.

I’ve updated the site to incorporate a cache system. This should mean slightly faster load times, who knows if it will actually make a difference.

One of the main issues I’ve had with the site in the past is the fact that (on average) it takes between 5 and 10 seconds to load the main page. I’m not too happy about that, so I’m trying to optimize the main page (and most of the site) in whatever ways I can.

With that in mind though, I was forced to change the link system, so now, instead of, the links are now

This simple change might actually break some features, so I’m running around trying to clean up, but if you see any issues on the site (broken links, 404 pages, pictures not displaying), please let me know and I’ll fix it as soon as I can.

Jump Jet Infantry Lego

Jump Jet Infantry

C&C Lego Reboot Episode 1 Preview

Well, that title’s a mouthful, but here’s a preview of the first episode I’m working on.


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