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Project Progress

I am now officially working on three separate stop motion projects simultaneously. Technically, I’ve finished the picture-taking for two of them, and I just need to add sounds and voices, but in the mean time, I’ve started taking pictures for the Terminator series which I originally cancelled.

Here’s some details on the three projects:

Stop Motion Video

The title is not a placeholder, it is literally a video about making a stop motion video. You’ll follow a main character as his world changes around him based on the script he is given. Here’s one of the pictures:


Stop Motion Screensaver

In this case, I don’t have a working title. I’m attempting to create a stop motion in flash, for the purpose of converting to a screensaver, but I’m not quite sure this will work. Worst case scenario, I’ll release it as a standard stop-motion video, but I really want it to work. If I am successful, I fear it will be a 60 megabyte screensaver if I maintain a decent image quality, but my biggest hindrance is that flash is a bitchy-bitch to work with. Here’s a picture of the scene:



The cancelled project is no longer cancelled! I just started taking pictures today, and I have plans for four to six episodes in total. Only the first one will actually feature the futuristic war, the rest will more closely follow the events in Terminator II. Here’s a shot of the set:


Haven’t had a setup like this since I went to the moon!

The Lineup


These are my four LEGO military “teams.”

From left to right: NATO (or USA), China, a guard with Zenith International , and the Warriors of Kalām.

Recovering an old project.

I’m going to work on this immediately following the current video I’m creating. I wasn’t really sure of what direction I wanted to go in before, but now I have a solid plan for the first episode. More will likely follow, if the first one is successful.

Team Resistance

John Connor and the human resistance.


Cyberdine Model T-101 with a bunch of other Terminators, and two Hunter-Killers.


…at night!

Work on the newest video!



These are two pictures from the newest video I’m working on, which is currently untitled. I’m a little over halfway done taking pictures!

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