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Updated video pages.

For the sake of better organization, I’ve created new video pages for C&C Legos, other stop motion videos, and old videos that I created a few years ago. You’ll see the news links in the menu up above.

New C&C Legos Page

I’ve created a new page archiving the C&C Legos episodes in an organized an user-friendly format. Now, you can view a link to each episode on one page, and you can watch it either on YouTube or here on this site in HTML5. You can also download each episode in the highest quality available.


But the real kicker is, I’ve added a bit of commentary to each episode page. I’m hoping to do this for multiple projects. So kick back, watch the episodes, and enjoy!

Updating Site

Currently updating the site.  If something is missing or linking to an obviously incorrect page… well… I’m aware of it.

Apparently wordpress backup doesn’t keep all of the IDs and numbers or something, I don’t know.

If you see any issues, could you comment here? I don’t want to miss anything.

New Direction

Although I’m not sure who even follows this blog anymore, I feel like it’s important to keep up with it, otherwise there’s a significant waste of the domain name. Although, let’s be honest, I’ve been doing a pretty poor job of that.

With the cancellation of the newest C&C game a little over a year ago, I went through a bit of change in my opinion and feelings towards Command and Conquer altogether. I know that a lot of the work I do has been centered around it, from designing that Tiberium RPG, to all the stop motion I have done in the past. Frankly, I think I realized after finishing the 5th season of the C&C Legos series that I’m just tired of Command & Conquer.

I thought I wasn’t. I thought I would appreciate the dwindling series longer than most, but frankly, after pouring so much into it for so long, I felt like I was stuck. Everything I did revolved around the game. I mean, I got really far into designing a pixel-based game. I was done designing the maps, I had a story, I had characters, I had a mission list, outline, I was honestly in the scripting, which is the last stage (in my opinion) of the main design process.

One day though, I started fooling around with UDK (Unreal Development Kit). UDK is a 3D game creation program of sorts, and frankly, after spending ONE day working with it, I felt like my entire interest in my previous game design, and C&C on the whole, was shattered. I stopped working on the game entirely that day, and I honestly haven’t even opened up the project since. It was a good couple years worth of work, and for whatever reason, I don’t feel bad about leaving it behind.

I started fiddling with 3D design instead, and honestly, I’m happy with where that is going. I started modelling a prison complex for a game idea, and unfortunately lost everything after having my computer crash, when I made some poor decisions on attempting to restore data, which led to deleting more than I expected. However, it was a good time to start fresh.

I’ve spent some time playing games, seeing what I like, seeing what I don’t like, and I think I have an idea for what kind of game I would like to create. So, in the interest of progress, here is a 3D model I’ve been working on since yesterday. This is the very first model that will go into the game:



It’s a space base!  Or at least part of one.  It’s untextured, and I’m about 90% done with the attached components.  I plan on building a map that contains a few rows of these things side by side, and they’ll be used in a Mars setting.


This time, I hope to actually push on with this project.  I’m learning 3D animation pretty quickly, and I hope to have this done within a day or two.  I think the 3D part is the hard part, but we’ll see how texturing it goes!


For those of you actually sticking around to read this blog, thanks, I suppose.  Although I assume most of you who read this either stumbled across it accidentally or are checking in on what I’ve been up to, I suppose I can be thankful you’re here anyway.

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