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What I’ve Been Up To

A lot has happened in the past year or so.

In March of 2013, Heather and I bought a house, in Austin, Texas. We moved here pretty soon after, arriving on April 2nd.

We flew back to California for a weekend in May, where we got married, then we returned to Texas.

Since being here, I’ve finished the C&C Lego series, and made great progress on the Tiberium Chronicles series. But alas, in the mean time, things have slowed down.

Owning a house and living with someone, almost two thousand miles from where I lived my entire life, away from friends, family, and basically my former home really has an impact on things. For one, I’m so much more responsible. Not because of necessity, but because I actually want to be. I actually enjoy mowing the lawn. I enjoy making basic repairs or upgrades to parts of the house. I enjoy cleaning. I enjoy all these things that I didn’t care for at all in the past, because now I’m not just taking care of myself, I’m taking care of my wife, my house, and my future.

As a result, I’ve made a lot of changes. With the fall of C&C, I stopped focusing on gaming so much. I stopped focusing on things that used to make me happy, because for whatever reason, they stopped making me happy, and sometimes I still fail to understand why. I guess other things just make me happy now. I’d rather be designing a game than making a LEGO video, which used to take up all my time. I’d rather be creating music on the computer rather than writing, which is something I used to spend a significant amount of time doing.

Heck, sometimes I even consider getting rid of this website, even though I know it does generate a couple views here or there from people checking in on me from time to time. Honestly I don’t think it gathers that much attention, but hey, it’s something to show what I’m up to… whenever I actually get around to updating. Which isn’t very often. See you all in a month, or three (probably more likely, hah)!

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