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It’s been a while!

It has been a while since I last updated this page (or any of the site, for that matter).  What have I been up to? Well, a lot, I guess.  First off, you might see that there’s a new episode of C&C Legos out.  Unfortunately, Youtube screwed up the upload because they’re having issues with WMV files, so I have to figure out a better format to render in that actually renders with decent quality.  I’m thinking that I’ll use a different program, as a result, but I’m not sure quite yet.

Additionally, I’ve made great progress with the Tiberium Chronicles RPG that I’ve been working on.  Here’s a little preview video of some of the progress I made.

Now, on top of this, I’m working on two more RPG games of my own, which have nothing to do with Command & Conquer.  They’ll probably get some more attention after I finish this first game, but yeah, this is all what I’ve been up to.

In my personal life, even more stuff has happened.  First off, I’m married! That’s right! In May of this year, I got married to the love of my life, Heather.  We’ve been together almost two years (two days from now, actually), so we felt we were ready to tie the proverbial knot a couple months back.

Additionally, we’ve moved to Austin! That’s right, Austin, Texas! New game, new video, new wife, new life! Quite a lotta stuff.

Anyway, I hope to come up with some more updates soon, I guess, because I’ve really been meaning to get back to this website, but obviously, a lot has been going on.  I guess even though I’ve really wanted to be the blogging type, I’ve never been any good at keeping up with it.  In any case, now you know a little bit of what I’ve been up to!

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