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Promo Splash for Blue Team Go!

Just figured I’d post this.

Blue Team Go!

New theme.

As you can see, things look different. Again, there are several things I still need to fix, but it’s 1am here so I’ll get to it tomorrow. Or later.

Dubstep Remix

Mixed these two songs together. I think it sounds really nice. Or gay. Or whatever you want to call it.

Just wait for the sweet drop. It shows up a little bit before the 1 minute mark.

I’ve added drop down menus.

Some stuff on my to do list…

  • Set drop down menu to show up below the anchor, not in front of it.
  • Delete old pages and restructure the site.
  • Create new themes based on projects I’m working on.
  • Fix comment section (Pictures aren’t showing up for some reason).

Additionally, I added a new spam filter.  Should block out the incessant list of bots that are plaguing the site.

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