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So, for the few of you who have been wondering what I’ve been up to, I’m working on a slight over haul of the site.  I want to have more than just a blog, so here’s a bit of what I’m throwing together:

  • A new home page
  • new subpages
    -Video Page
    -Blog Page
    -Randomizer (A recreation of the “shitbucket” I had years ago)
    -Active project page
    -Staff page (But wait! Won’t that mean you need… staff?)
    -Contact page

Now, what does this all mean?  Nothing, yet.  I’m doing all this work in the backround.  As for the randomizer, that’s going to be like a magic 8-ball that works in 4D.  Don’t know what that means? Me either!  But hey, I’ll figure it out.  Hopefully soon.

On another note, I just made $1,100 today in the stock exchange.  Go me!

Still Animation

As it turns out, you can copy and paste effects on Windows Movie Maker to multiple slides / clips / footage.  This has made my work significantly easier, and should speed up my output during editing by at least 400%.

Because I’m in the mood to attach a graphic of some kind, here you go.











I hope you’re impressed.  I know I sure am.

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