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Dat Rat can JUMP.

So, this rat’s name is Theresa. Unlike the older one, Via, she can jump. Pretty damn far.

The little one.

Isn’t she precious? 🙂

My Top Playlist

Somehow, this is at the top of the list on this specific computer I’m using.

I suppose this is normal, right?


Am I just retarded?

I hope at SOME point, this shit happens to someone else.

So, we buy milk by the gallon here at my house. And as I went to eat some tasty pop tarts, I discovered that the milk gallon I was going to open to pour myself some dipping-milk was smashed in… basically the top of the milk was caved in. So, the milk, not having been opened, remained in tact, and I decided to try to pull the top out to make it upright.

Anyway, as I’m pulling, the top just popped off, and I got milk all over myself. My face, my hands… my hair. Why the hell did I get milk in my hair? I have no clue. But let me just say…

Those were some fucking DELICIOUS pop tarts.

Improving Frame Rates

So, as you’ll see in the video below, I am updating the frame rate on the Lego Videos I make. It should be an improvement, I think with regular use of this new style, the video quality should improve significantly.



Arab Music

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