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Greenscreen test.

This is my first time using a greenscreen.  I think I did pretty good.

Getting my Rat today.

But I have to drive to San Jose.

Man, this is really gay.

I’ll have to deal with traffic the whole way.

Fuck living in the bay.

Well, at least I’ll get to play,

with my new pet rat, mmkay?


This lady posted an ad on Craigslist looking for a guy.  Her specific details of the guy she wanted was a Marine Corps Pilot.  Pretty specific, if you ask me.  Benefits and money up the wazoo.  So, I figured, having been in the Marines at one point, I’d send her this:

She hasn’t yet responded.  But when she does, I’ll send her this:


I like craigslist.

New Site

Finally I have it up.  Finally.  FINALLY.

So yeah, this is it.  I’ll update as I can.

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