Two rats are dying.

So I’m sure a few of you have seen pictures of some of my rats.  The white one, Via, and the black/white one, Reesie, are both in a very bad stage right now.  Via has to be put down because of a large tumor on her body, which is set to rupture within a few weeks.  I have to let her go before that happens.

Reesie is acting very strange.  She walks around only half awake, moves very slowly, but still makes efforts to eat (which is a sign of good health).  All the while, she’s letting me pet her a lot more and she’s not taking the usual cover in her hiding place.  All the worse, her front fingertips are turning black.  Very strange indeed.  I hope she’s just sick temporarily, but usually these things mean the end.

Dat Rat can JUMP.

So, this rat’s name is Theresa. Unlike the older one, Via, she can jump. Pretty damn far.

The little one.

Isn’t she precious? 🙂

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