That space thing I’m working on.

Well, this is a part of it anyway. Right click the video to fullscreen it.

So I don’t post pictures of myself too often.


But I figured I’d post this.

Insert generic “things are changing” title here.

I really do need to keep up with this website, don’t I?

Anyway, I’m doing RPG Maker stuff again. Wee.

I really need to stick with one project at a time. But hey, I’m interested in Space stuff again!

Brick Armed Conflict

So this is the pilot episode of my “Brick Armed Conflict” series. Definitely a few years in the making, shooting, deleting, reshooting, changing the plot a few times, etc. Take a watch! It might be hard to follow at first, but future episodes will feature a lot more plot development, and a bit more comedy.

It’s an off-week, so here’s a fun picture instead!


I really love making pictures like these. When you look at a still image like this, you can see some visual discrepancies (such as a slightly jagged RPG flying through the air), but when it is put into a full stop motion, it looks great!

This picture will be for Brick-Armed Forces, the second series of many that I’ll be putting together in the coming months. This episode will come out on Friday the 13th!

Bert and Nick Do Science! – Episode 2

And another one! Woo!

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