Pendants I bought

So, I bought some pendants from a website I found online a long while ago.  They finally arrived, but they’re not exactly what I expected.  I’m not sure what I was expecting, maybe something bigger.  Anyway, here they are:

I put them next to a lego figure so you can see their size more accurately.  What I plan on doing is casting pendants of my own with the pewter.  They’ll be a bit larger than these, and they’ll be more durable, as it turns out that these are made with some cheap, really malleable metal.  I’m not positive, but seeing as how they came from China, they might have traces of lead.  Ho boy!

On another note, the metals in the last post were tried and tested.  The pewter melts fine, but the Zinc doesn’t.  The heat source we were using (a stove) isn’t hot enough to melt zinc.  Fortunately, upon further research, I found that it’s a bad idea to melt zinc with the same tools you use for melting other metals, cause the zinc can oxidize and screw shit up.

So, with that said, I’ll give more updates soon.  We’ll have the first batch of pendants within two weeks.  We’re starting with an Allied pendant!

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