Brick Armed Conflict

So this is the pilot episode of my “Brick Armed Conflict” series. Definitely a few years in the making, shooting, deleting, reshooting, changing the plot a few times, etc. Take a watch! It might be hard to follow at first, but future episodes will feature a lot more plot development, and a bit more comedy.


  1. Zocom7 says:

    Was that your voice on the languages? I am amazed you found a way to learn speaking Arabic and Chinese languages.

    1) Who’s Boni?
    2) Why wasn’t this called C&C Generals 2 Legos? It appears the figurines you used looked more like Chinese Soviets, GDI and GLA and later you mentioned the EU.

    • Zee Zee says:

      Boni is one of my neighbors, she lives across the street. Heather was at the time unable to record voicing, so our friend stepped in.

      I didn’t call it anything related to Generals 2 because it’s not Generals 2. In some senses, it’s somewhat of a “spiritual successor” to the C&C Legos series as a whole, but I plan on using other real-world countries and themes that do not exist in C&C. Examples of future episodes are actually more Blue Team Go! videos, a couple videos involving Korea, Russia, and of course, the newest “team,” Zenith International, more of a “private” military.

      All in all, I truthfully do not see myself fully revisiting C&C any time soon. I might leave some easter eggs lying around, though!

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