Armed Conflict Factions

Armed Conflict is the name of the new stop motion series I’m creating. I’ve been really taking my time with this one, but I’m actually working on an episode now.

In the mean time, here’s a few pictures of the different factions in the episodes I will be making. Click each picture for a larger size.

United States – Marines
United States of America

China – People’s Liberation Army

North Korea – Korean People’s Army
Democratic People's Republic of Korea

South Korea – Army
Republic of Korea

Middle East – Militants
Warriors of Kalām


  1. AZ-Stalker AZ-Stalker says:

    Yay! The old BestLock body parts are back! Also loving the custom clothing.

  2. Zocom7 says:

    I guess you are trying a new version of C&C Generals 2 Legos, but I wish you had implemented a Russian faction into that as well.

    Also what happened to a new episode of Tiberian Sun Reborn Legos since you mentioned earlier this eyar?

    • Zee Zee says:

      I honestly feel that I made a mistake when I returned to working on C&C Lego stuff. As such, I made the preview video to that series, and subsequently stopped working on that series. I said before I wanted to create my own thing, so I’m determined now to do just that.

      Unfortunately, life got in the way for a while, anyway. So I stopped working on many things that involved many people.

      This series will not be C&C related in any way. There are going to be different “factions” reminiscent of some of the countries or teams in different C&C games, but frankly, those factions will be just as related to the teams in Battlefield 2, or real life, or whatever.

      I do have intentions on bringing around a Russian faction, but that will come later.

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