Working on my Walk – Part 2

So, I set up a test run of the animation. I realized I was wrong about my own frame rate. I actually typically set movement at 12fps. Currently, a full walking animation (under the new animation) takes 12 frames, so in theory, if I can perfect the animation, it will mimic human walking accurately.

Anyway, I performed two tests. A stationary test (walking in place) and an actual movement test. I wanted to do a stationary test first to make sure the animation looked acceptable (which it does), but I wasn’t sure how to properly space out the steps in walking from point A to point B. As a result, it looks like the guy is sliding as he walks.

Anyway, you’ll see see the point when you watch the video.

I’ll likely post the final Part 3 to this mini-series when I figure out how to make the movement look right.

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