Working on my Walk – Part 1

I’m trying to improve the walking animations of the characters. It’s one of the bigger issues that has been bugging me for a while, because it’s something that is harder to perfect, especially on a non-lego surface. Considering I use the flat surface of the top of the dresser for most of my videos, I haven’t really been able to fully experiment as much as I’ve wanted to with the walk animation.

Here’s what my walking animations currently look like, on a frame by frame basis.

Here’s what I want them to look like.

The downside is, I’m already like… two steps behind. A typical human two-leg walking stride takes about a second to complete. As in, one step is half a second, the other step is another half second. At 24 frames per second (what I’m currently running at), image 1 takes .25 seconds for a full stride. Image 2, what I’m aiming for, will still only take .5 seconds for a full stride. It will look better, but it will still be too fast of a walk.

Which, I guess, brings me to the point of this post.

A lot goes into this type of animation. Here I am just trying to figure out the dynamics of making characters walk properly, when I’ve already been having them run, shoot, talk, jump, and even fly.

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