Why I Returned to the Command & Conquer Community

So, a few people have been sending me messages via Skype, email, YouTube, or PM, asking me basically what is going on in regards to my recent return to the C&C Community. Frankly, my absence didn’t last long, but my return set me in a different direction than some might have expected. Well, here’s my answer.

If you didn’t already see it, I made a forum post in January declaring my departure from the C&C Community and CNCNZ.com. At the time, I felt strongly that I wanted to focus on the development of my own website, which still could not be more true. However, with this, my reasoning for leaving the C&C Community is that I no longer had the drive that I always had in regards to Command & Conquer. EA, having cancelled their most recent game made me feel like the series (and ultimately the community) was basically falling apart, and that this specific event was the final nail in the coffin. Rather than stick with a dying community, I wanted to move in my own direction, focus on my own work.

Joining W3D Hub

Recently, a good friend of mine introduced me to W3D Hub. While I heard loosely that W3D Hub was built by former members of Bluehell Productions, and I know there was a lot of disparity between the two groups and their beliefs in who was right or wrong, none of this really mattered very much to me. I joined W3D Hub because upon hopping into teamspeak just to chat with my friend, I was met by a group of fun, caring, friendly individuals who all had a common motivation amongst themselves. They were the team working on Tiberian Sun Reborn. And I learned something in the conversation I had with them.

I learned that it isn’t about EA games, it isn’t about Command & Conquer, hell, it wasn’t even about the community. This here was just a group of people who wanted to built a great game for themselves and anyone willing to play it. Sure, it is based on C&C: Tiberian Sun, but ultimately, that fact is irrelevant to why I joined their team. I joined because they are a great group of people to be around, and I appreciated their willingness to accept me as part of their team, agreeing to my stipulation that they help teach me what they know.


If I’m being really honest, the main reason I chose not to return to CNCNZ, especially considering I was staff there on and off for about 8 years, was because of the lack of the team that made me feel so welcome at W3D Hub. There’s no nightly hanging out on Teamspeak, there’s no skype chatting, there’s no organized game events of that sort. It’s mostly just loose communication through forum PMs and staff message boards. It’s just… I don’t know, it’s not as worth it to me anymore. Those are my honest feelings.

I still have a lot of respect for CNCNZ. It is the last grand central station of the English-speaking C&C Community. I sincerely hope that whenever I release C&C related content, they’ll still be nice enough to make a news post about it. It’s the least I can ask.

My C&C Related Projects

Yes, my final point. A few people have been asking me what this means for former projects. Truth be told, I am reviving a few of them. The main three projects I’ll be working on that are related to Command & Conquer are as follows:

  • Promotional Videos for W3D Hub – I’ll be doing videos for W3D Hub. Here is an example promotional video. I might also do some videos for other teams, if I have time for it.
  • C&C LEGO Reborn – Play on words here. The series is being revived and rebooted, and it will start by loosely following Tiberian Sun Reborn.
  • Tiberium Chronicles – If I find the time for it, I will continue my efforts on this game.

Where will I be hosting these projects? Well, C&C LEGO will find a new home here, on my site. Anything W3D Hub related will be posted there, and I’m still not quite sure what I want for Tiberium Chronicles. I guess I’ll just have to think about that one.

A Final Note

Thanks to all of you who have supported my efforts over the years. Thanks for those who believe in what I do, and who stick around (despite the odds). Your encouragement helps me push forward even when I have moments of thinking “is this really worth it?”

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