UPDATED TORRENT – Please read if you’ve already downloaded it.

So I pretty much built my first torrent earlier. Looks like I screwed it up.

If you could do me a favor and download the torrent again, it’s a new torrent file. It contains all the exact same C&C Legos files and the same locations, so if you’re already seeding, you’ll just have to remove the old torrent and download the new one.

Here’s the link to the updated torrent. The filename is the same.

The difference? I added maybe 15 more trackers or so. It should be a lot easier to connect now.

Edit: Alternatively, you can download the entire series in a .zip file from mediafire at this link.


  1. Plokite_Wolf Plokite_Wolf says:

    Actually, when you have identical files in different versions of the torrent, you can download the other version on top of the one you already have and you’ll get an updated tracker list. Though I only got one additional tracker, but eh. At least DHT works, so I’m happy.

    BTW, I got a 418 Unused error after attempting to log in after resetting my password, so I’m posting as guest here.

  2. Zee Zee says:

    Your user account itself should be fine…

    When I moved WordPress to a new server, the configuration of this site went to shit for a few days. Posts had their ID numbers changed, users had their ID numbers changed, etc. Your display picture was actually given to a bot, oddly enough.

    But yeah, the 418 error is associated with Dreamhost (the hosting I’m on), rather than your account. In any case, I “modified” your account by adding text and removing it, and adding your picture, to get wordpress to at least properly recognize it again.

    And that’s neat about the torrent thing. I download a lot, but this is the first torrent I’ve actually uploaded. I tried adding like 15 trackers to the torrent, and they show up on Vuze, but not Utorrent. I’m not sure why.

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