The Lineup


These are my four LEGO military “teams.”

From left to right: NATO (or USA), China, a guard with Zenith International , and the Warriors of Kalām.


  1. zocom7 says:

    I have an odd feeling you’re trying to bring back a version of C&C Generals Legos like what you did before in Terrorist Legos.

  2. Zee Zee says:

    Well, it won’t be C&C Lego, but yeah, I want to do something that is a combat series. It will feature four sides, I just need to come up with a background, general story, and outline for individual episodes.

    Way I’m thinking of pulling it is having each team be against each other, but I’m not exactly sure if I’ll follow that strictly. I also need a common goal. Oil? Money? Land? Who knows!

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