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Goodbye, Hoff.

Hoff was more than just a pet. He was a member of the family. He shared with us so many moments of laughter and pain, joy and sorrow. Though we typically referred to him as the poop monster (because of his habit of pooping everywhere), we knew him more as the ferret who wanted nothing more than to eat and spend hours in the arms of my wife, just sleeping or grooming himself, and at times, her hands.

Hoff was the first pet that we got in Texas that we truly fell in love with. His goofy mannerisms, the way he would turn his body sideways while running across the living room, his ability to look adorable in almost any position, his lazy “I just wanna relax” attitude, and so much more. Even now, when I look back at moments of grief, such as having to clean poop off of the living room floor, I find myself able to turn negative memories into positive ones. He was a ferret we could never figure out. We’d attempt to adjust to his pooping habits to make him more comfortable with pooping in a litter bin, and he would instead poop next to the litter bin. We’d put walls along his cage so he wouldn’t poop through the bars, and he would leave the cage just to poop and return moments later. It’s almost endearing how much work we put into fixing the poop problem, only for him to shatter our month(s)-long progress in a matter of minutes. Sometimes we think he was doing it on purpose, but looking back it was obvious that he was just adorably oblivious.

Hoff was there to get tickled when we were happy. He was there to curl up in our arms when we were sad. Sometimes he would run up to us and try to climb our legs while we were sitting in a chair, just so he could relax in our arms for a while. Other times, he would put in a tremendous effort trying to climb over the side of a box, or up the edge of the couch, just to run out of energy half way through, at which point we would help him and he would realize he’d changed his mind and wanted to go somewhere else.

Hoff was our pet. He was our child. He was our best friend.


We love you Hoff, and our home will never be the same without you.

My computer brokeded.

Well, specifically the motherboard. I guess I’ll have to take a few months to save up a bit to upgrade my whole rig.

Unfortunately, because the motherboard is from 2011, and I want to upgrade my PC in general, I’m basically in a position where I have to wait. Buying a modern motherboard means I need to buy a new compatible CPU and new RAM, and at that point I’m already halfway there to building a full computer, so I might as well wait and save up.

Oh well!

More “Future” Updates

One of the strongest issues with any of the LEGO series I’ve done is that my buildings are not particularly advanced, and though the story can be well told, the creations are not exactly top notch.

I intend on changing that, as much as I can. As such, I’ve been establishing a budget for parts, and I’ve been using the LEGO Digital Designer to create new vehicles / structures.

Here’s an example of what some of them look like:

China Warehouse Diner IFV interiors

refinery war buggy Zenith Jeep zenith truck

Additionally, I’m about 90% done working on my new studio area, and about 50% done working on the new surface itself. I’m expanding beyond the classic dresser top that I’ve used for the past 10 years. I now intend on having different surfaces for different terrains. More on that later!

New Equipment / Studio

I’ve been working on a new studio (really just a spare room in the house that I’m converting) for future projects. As a result, I bought a new camera, which I can connect to a laptop, as you can see in the picture below.

New Lego Setup

I’m rigging up an improved lighting system, and I’m looking into different stained woods or acrylic plastic for new backgrounds and floor textures. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Zonoku – Chapter 2

Today’s Friday content is more of the book I’ve been writing. Chapter 2 was just released today.

Take a look at all of the chapters here!

Christmas Theme!

Click the “Merry Christmas” button for a fun Christmas surprise! (Obviously temporary, though for people who miss it, you can try it here: Merry Christmas!

Also, changing things up a bit.

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New blog post every Tuesday.

I set alarms for myself to remind myself, let’s see if I can make it happen!

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